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Are *YOU* lookin at *ME?!?!?!?!

Road Trip!!

Sunday – MD to NC –> 345 Miles
Monday – NC to AL –> 522 Miles
Tuesday – AL to Abilene, TX –> 817 Miles
Wednesday – Abilene to AZ –> 757 Miles
Friday – Fly from AZ to FL
Sunday – Fly from FL to MD
Monday – Hiked some of the Appalachian Trail in West VA
Tuesday – Back to work.

Not a bad week or so!! The best part of the whole trip was the passive income generated from affiliate sales. And when I say passive, I mean PASSIVE! I didn’t promote anything the whole trip except share one video my son made for my “@TOYFOLIO” affiliate link!

As I was driving, flying, or enjoying myself, the affiliate sales were ringing up at a rapid pace! The source of traffic is one of two things:

My blog doesn’t have GREAT traffic, but it does show up for decent “flipping” and “eBay” search terms.

I have been fairly consistent, and hopefully not boring, in promoting my results and experiences with “Products for Profit“, created by Coach Joe Hart.

If people are searching for a program to get started with flipping on eBay, I may get a few clicks!

I have also made some decent affiliate sales helping Greg Webb, @TOYFOLIO, share his newest Arbitrage Made Simple course. ( )

But, I constantly receive notifications for sales of “Products for Profit“.

Writing about PFP on this blog, my “hooks” are in the water.

You never have to put more bait on your hook.

It’s ALWAYS in the water and it’s ALWAYS ready to snag a prospect!

Get Busy NOW Baiting Your Hooks

So, what’s the point?

I literally just drove across the country, flew back, had a LOT of fun in between and I made over $500.00 doing NOTHING, except reaping the rewards from past writing and previous work.

*YOU* can definitely get your own hooks in the water. Most bait the Twitter hook multiple times a day. That is an EXCELLENT hook to bait. But, it is not a great long term hook. The average life of a Tweet is very short unless it goes viral.

You may have to tweet the same info over and over in various ways before you get a bite!

With a blog post, like this, once Google works its magic, your hook is always out there waiting for a direct visit or the right search.

Here’s my FREE ebook if you want to buy a domain…Wordpress info NOT included! 😉

Get YOUR hooks out there now! You may not get a lot of bites right away, but you will get ZERO bites with ZERO hooks.

The fish will NOT jump into the boat for you!

Example of a Hook in the Water

This is a lead generation link I signed up for to help a fellow affiliate marketer. He earned 7 bucks because I signed up. So, I will drop this here and it will be here forever and maybe it will reap a dividend! Who knows!!

Good Luck to YOU

Leaving work today I was thinking, “WHAT AM I DOING TODAY to create a reality where I am not FORCED to return to this place, UNLESS I WANT.”

The answer at that point of the day was NOTHING. But, I came home and worked on my eBay stuff and got to writing.

Every eBay listing or Craigslist post is a HOOK in the water. Not a perpetual hook, but ALL hooks move YOU forward.

Get your hooks set and make sure you have FUN while doing it! Your 9-5 can be good or bad. No need for your side hustle to be anything BUT an enjoyable experience!

I wish YOU the very best and let me know about YOUR hooks! I am always swimming around looking for a bite! 🙂

A Juicy Hook!! 😉

Affiliate Links are sprinkled throughout this post!

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