ANOTHER option to Maximize Wealth?

Mortgage Payoff Opportunity?

For 8 weeks I purchased numerous courses vowing to help me master and monetize various opportunities. Stocks. Options. Twitter. Email. eBay. eBooks!

( They were all actually really good and I have done well with each!! )

I started a course tonight that involves a complete shift in my whole concept of saving, spending, borrowing….every aspect of MONEY.

Before I go on, I have to say that I am 43, all my kids are OUT of the house, and I saved as much as possible for retirement over the past 20 years. So, I am more willing to experiment with something I have never even heard of before. BUT, I am not STUPID enough to just throw my money at just ANYTHING. ( Unless it’s $VYST stock….that was pretty stupid of me! )

So, what *IS* this awesome opportunity I am pursuing that could help me pay off my mortgage quickly and setup my family for wealth even after I pass from this earth?

Well, I can’t tell you the full premise. That wouldn’t be cool to the creators and I would probably NOT do a great job at this time! But, I can tell you that you will, in effect, be your own bank.

I know, it sounded crazy to me as well. BE MY OWN BANK? HOW??

Well, I did some reading outside of the provided material and was like… WHAAAAT???? This is FOR REAL!

It is so real to me that I am already in the process of working with my twin boys to secure their participation when I am up and running.

It can be a valuable tool for me NOW, but at 21 years of age, it could be life altering for them and THEIR families. ( One day…I don’t want to be a grand father any time soon! )

Two things I took from the original material that caught my eye:

Ready To Move Forward

After watching the initial videos, I still am not 100% sure of the entire philosophy, but I understand the basic concepts enough to:
– see the POTENTIAL
– take swift ACTION

In this case, TIME is definitely MONEY!

I literally transferred money around today to pay off some smaller debts so I could focus more money directly to this opportunity.

Don’t Take My Word For It

You don’t know *ME* that well, so maybe you think I am a little crazy here.

THESE successful and awesome guys have my back:

Ed Latimore approved? No crack required? I’m *IN*!
Coach Joe Hart is making so much money these days, he *NEEDS* this financial vehicle. His great great great great grandkids will STILL be spending those sweet eBay profits!

POCs for –> Unlimited Life Concepts

The 2 guys teaching you the valuable lessons of “HOLY SHIFT“, the seminal program of their company, “Unlimited Life Concepts“, are Nate and Brandon!

Their knowledge of the system is remarkable and their enthusiasm is contagious! You should FOLLOW THEM even if you aren’t ready to check out the course:

Join Me on My Journey

Click The Image For More Info!
This is not MY affiliate link, but the link of my good friend @awstauffer !

Oh Yeah…..The Mortgage Payoff

As I said above, all of my kids are out of the house and my retirement is fairly set. As long as I don’t touch the money and the market doesn’t COMPLETELY tank to ZERO! I have NO DEBT except for this pesky mortgage.

Using this system above, I can utilize my money in a way that I may be able to get out from under this mortgage way sooner than expected AND decreasing the insane amount of interest payments.

I don’t have the EXACT plan tailored for ME just yet, but I have spoken to a few people who are on the same path. It doesn’t cost me a significant amount of money to pursue this as an experiment. And ANYTHING that gets me to mortgage payoff SOONER is worth my full attention!!

And all indicators point to this being a very unorthodox, YET SUCCESSFUL, money management/cash flow tool.

I am really pumped to dive in for myself and my twins. This can possibly help them BUY a house and avoid a traditional interest heavy mortgage from a typical lender!

If I can set this up to be the cash flow tool as advertised, my next 20 years of making money will be fun and I will leave quite the legacy for my heirs…and for theirs!



Everyone who signs up through the above affiliate link ( not my link ) will be entered to win a free membership.

On 29 MAY 2020, we will randomly select someone who purchased the course through the above link and I will PAYPAL them back their course fee.

I want YOU to join ME as I embark on this financial freedom journey!

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