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You, YES YOU, Can Invest in the Stock Market!

Investing in the Stock Market IS for YOU!

Are you interested in investing in the stock market, but you are unsure of where to start? Do you feel intimidated by the seemingly complex investing process?  Do you feel investing doesn’t fit into your financial situation?   No matter your financial standing or comfort level, you can begin to invest in the stock market immediately. TAKING ACTION is the most important step on your path to building wealth.

I am not writing to give you strategies to beat the market or explain terminology to you. ( CLICK HERE FOR BEGINNER INFO! ) Motivating *YOU* to become an investor today and grow your wealth is my goal.

Building Wealth: An Alternative Approach

The preferred path to building a healthy financial profile for yourself:

1) Eliminate All Bad Debt ( Credit Cards )

2) Create an Emergency Fund

3) Participate in any pre-tax employer sponsored retirement plans. ( 401K, etc )

4) Invest in the stock market

Some believe if you can’t eliminate debt and build an emergency cash fund, you should not be investing in the market.   Unlike most of these people, I grew up in an environment where money was scarce and debt was plentiful.  As far as we were concerned, the stock market was solely for “rich people”.

My family was NEVER going to eliminate all bad debt or maintain the discipline needed to create an emergency cash fund.  We would have immediately spent any “emergency money” and therefore would be making no progress towards wealth building.

So, if you acknowledge you are going to have lingering credit card debt and don’t have the discipline to build an emergency fund, are you supposed to give up all hope of financial progress?  I don’t think so.  If you know this to be true, options exist that permit investing whatever money you can afford and allows you to build wealth by restricting “ease of access” to your invested funds.

You can always withdraw your money from a brokerage account, but the process is more complicated than a quick ATM transaction.  The lack of instant access to your money will help you avoid impulse purchases and remain on your path to wealth building.

Please don’t confuse “building wealth” with “getting rich”.  They are related, but definitely not the same thing!

StartRIGHT NOW to Build Your Portfolio

Investing today is as easy as contacting the online brokerage, Folio Investing. ( http://www.FolioInvesting.com ) They will get you started with a plan that fits your particular needs and financial situation.  Folio Investing has no minimum requirements, key for people who can only afford to contribute small amounts at, possibly, irregular intervals. ( If you can REGULARLY add just a FEW DOLLARS to the account you will see a great amount of progress. )

If you WAIT until you eliminate debt and then WAIT until you save money in a bank account, you may NEVER invest in the market. The goal is to quit THINKING ABOUT saving for your future and START saving for your future.

1) Visit www.FolioInvesting.com and create an account.

Call them at: 1 (888) 973-7890 !

Email them at support@folioinvesting.com

CONTACT THEM NOW! Do not procrastinate! If you have questions they will help you! The number one thing is to TAKE ACTION NOW!!

2) You may already have a sizable sum of cash and are unsure how to proceed. If you win the lottery, inherit money, receive a cash settlement, or come into a cash windfall, you need a professional to help you manage your money. I recommend Joe Cremen of Merrill Lynch, a professional money manager that I have great trust in and recommend to many colleagues. I started with ZERO DOLLARS SAVED  in 2001 and Joe helped me to the point where I no longer care if I get fired or not.  🙂   If you need help in investing large amounts of money, CLICK HERE TO CONTACT JOE CREMEN of MERRIL LYNCH!

3) Purchase a subscription to “Money Magazine” to increase your investment IQ.  This is an inexpensive purchase that can pay off handsomely in increased market knowledge and a better understanding of how to efficiently build YOUR wealth!

Money Magazine

Click Here to Order Money Magazine


Where Should You Invest Your Money?

If you are unsure which individual stock you would like to buy, then you can purchase an Exchange Traded Fund ( ETF )  from FolioInvesting.com . An ETF gives you ownership of diverse investments in one position. Click here for a list of ETFs available from Folio Investing. Just find something that interests you and invest in it! Entertainment? Technology? Energy? *YOU* can invest in any and all of these markets RIGHT NOW. Just reach out and call, email, or sign up! Your financial health can improve with an investment into the world’s greatest wealth building machine! The Stock Market!

Below is an excerpt from an email exchange I had with a great friend of mine, @mikecunningham .  Mike is an avid and active trader in the market.  I asked for his input regarding people who are not yet in the market, but desire to invest.  I have provided his key advice:

“My best suggestion would be to consider ETF and stock indexed funds. Both are a collection of stocks. The main point of these types of stocks/funds is that you own a large amount of stocks, so volatility is lower, and because they are not active-managed funds their fees are a lot lower. Fees can be a burden and keep your overall stock portfolio performance low.

I would recommend an ETF or stock indexed fund that tracks the S&P 500. This gives you the largest 500 companies in the world. That gives you Apple, IBM, etc. It also gives you adequate international exposure as well, as a lot of those companies can have 30%+ of their sales coming from overseas.”

(If all of this sounds complex…it isn’t!  Your Folio Investment (or other brokerage firm)  customer service rep can help you! )

Extra Stuff

A chance exists that you will lose money investing in the market. Diversifying your portfolio will help protect you from a volatile market and a significant financial loss.

ENRON is a great example of the need to diverify. Many ENRON employees were heavily invested in company stock. ENRON was engaging in all kinds of hi-jinks to inflate their stock price.  When the bubble burst, those employees with the majority of their savings in Enron stock lost millions of dollars. And to this day they are the “go to” story for why you should diversify!

If you want to read a book that is ACTUALLY INTERESTING and FUNNY about what happened at ENRON, read “The Smartest Guys in the Room“.  It tells a great story about the men behind the scenes of the rise and fall of this once mighty energy


P.S.  I have NO relationship with Folio Investing.  I previously invested with BuyAndHold.com, but they were apparently bought by Folio Investing.  After researching the possibilities, I determined Folio Investing offered the best opportunity for a novice and/or nervous person to get into the market without a large minimum deposit.

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