Chasing The Dragon (VYST)

That Sweet Rush of GAINS!

Last week I jumped back into the penny stock game after a few years recovering from a bad Tim Sykes experience. ( My fault not his. I apparently *NEVER* studied enough….) Anyway, I had immediate success by trading YRIV. “I’VE MASTERED THE ART OF TRADING!”, I stupidly told myself.

Mainlining the Hype

I transferred some cash to my e*trade account and I was itching to get some skin in the game and ASAP. (This is where I say, “SCREW YOU, TWITTER!”) I was scanning TWITTER for news on ACET and somehow VYST came to my attention. I was *IMMEDIATELY* seduced by the HYPE. The following video is home footage of me trying to resist some of the SWEET TWITTER PENNY STOCK HYPE!

Pulling the Trigger on VYST

With little scanning, minimal research, disappointing due diligence, and cash to burn I dove right into VYST based on Twitter info about mergers, debt payoffs, and other fantastical nuggets.

My VYST purchase. Also, my ACET purchase. We'll discuss that later.
I make better decisions when drinking! 😉

My notes to myself when executing the purchase of VYST.

03/06/2019 – VYST – 3000 @ .065 (Stupid…..very stupid….)

End of notes. I usually keep great notes. I succumbed to EMOTION, STUPIDITY, and HYPE. I have never used drugs, but if I were smart, I would force myself to take a urinalysis ASAP. Because either someone drugged me or I was just completely off my rocker long enough to buy 3000 shares of something I knew NOTHING about based on HYPE!

Current VYST Status

Could have been worse so far, I suppose! I bought in at .065, it closed today at 0.07, and I could have sold at 0.092. Actually doing some research into this company, it doesn’t seem TOO BAD. Positive debt news. Positive Investment news. Positive Merger news. But that SUPER EXCITED TWITTER HYPE *HAS* to be a WARNING to me in the future, *NOT* a Siren’s Call to Quick Riches. Antithetical to my Tim Sykes training, I will hold this baby and see where go from here!

VYST 7MAR2019 Chart
VYST – 7MAR2019 – Swinging For Fences after today.

This posting is really just for me to look back on, but I share it so you can laugh at me or maybe learn from my flubs and/or successes. Good luck to you and, hey, jump on this VYST train with me! Who knows!! 😉

Party Time

Hey….if you are reading this and you are in Maryland and love 80s or 90s music, check here for some awesome bands and their upcoming shows. I will be updating this site more, more, more. ( Pun intended if you are an 80s music fan!)

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