80s Shows That Remind Me of VYST

Another Week of VYST Silence

Well, Vystar Corporation delivered two key items this past week:

  1. JACK
  2. SH*T

Yes, that’s correct. Another week of JACK S***, from these people. I know…I sound like a bitter, VYST hater. BUT, it’s actually the opposite. I have FULL FAITH that Greg and the crew are doing *SOMETHING* behind the scenes to bring Vystar Corporation from sub-penny back to the promised land.

So, while I am waiting, I thought of 10 shows from the 80s that reminded me of VYST in one way or another. With this guy by my side, how could I go wrong??

Highway to Heaven
Traveling the USA Consoling Distraught VYST Believers

10) The Greatest American Hero

The below photo on the left is how Greg Rotman sees himself, while the photo on the right is how WE see Greg Rotman. C`MON GREG! FIND THE OWNER’S MANUAL!! ( This is a great joke if you are familiar with the show! 😉 )

Superman and The Greatest American Hero
Will the Real Greg Rotman PLEASE Stand up!

I have included the intro to this show since it’s ONE OF THE BEST EVER!

9) Small Wonder

Small Wonder VYST
(In robot voice )–> Must Prepare for Investor Meeting and Robust PR Schedule…..DOES NOT COMPUTE!

This show reminds of VYST in two ways. It’s a “Small Wonder” my wife hasn’t kicked my azz for buying so much of this stock and being down over 75%! Also, Vickie The Robot seemingly had more personality and communication skills than does Greg Rotman. Don’t believe me, check out the Oscar worthy acting below!

8) Head of The Class

Head of the Class - VYST

With the current state of affairs at Vystar Corporation, I would have to label Greg Rotman as CLASS CLOWN vs some genius in a gifted class. Then again, he is getting PAID, while I am hoping a penny stock goes up to a dime or so. Dam, am *I* the dummy? ( Don’t answer that!!! )

7) The Wonder Years

Savage VYST
I don’t have Photoshop…I use MS PAINT online!!

It’s been over a YEAR and I have been WONDERing when the h*ll Vystar Corporation is going to make me RICH!!! At least I have a hot “Winnie” to keep me company as I wait for Greg, AKA Wayne Arnold, to quit torturing me and to deliver the sweet VYST good news!!

6) Perfect Strangers

Greg and I are definitely Perfect Strangers, but we will DEFINITELY do the Myposian Dance of Joy should VYST ever escape these doldrums and earn us all some sweet cash!!

5) St Elsewhere

I really don’t know much about this show, despite its popularity. I just wanted to say that if Greg and VYST don’t get off their arses and I have to reveal to my wife how much I am down in VYST, I will be forced to live “ELSEWHERE”!!!! Let’s go, Greg!! I NEED SOME INFO!!! I have become accustomed to indoor plumbing and don’t wanna leave my home because of your incompetence!! ( All jokes, bro!!)

OH!! This show’s premise was hospital related! I could have joked about winding up in ICU if my wife ever sees my account I use for Penny Stocks!

St Elsewhere - VYST
The minimum amount of medical professionals required to save my azz should my wife discover my VYST situation!!

4) Good Times

Any time you’re out from under

Not getting hassled, not getting hustled

Keepin’ your head above water


This is me every day when I get home from work and see how VYST performed and if there was any news from Greg Rotman and the Vystar Corp Crew.

3) Who’s The Boss

Who's The Boss - VYST
I sure hope Steve Rotman is still in charge and making sure Greg doesn’t ruin his rep. And seriously, MONA over ANGELA….. EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!

2) Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries - VYST
The only thing scarier than this guy’s voice on a lonely night, is knowing how much money I have riding on Greg Rotman’s business acumen!

From 3rd grade to 7th grade, when this show was really popular, I lived out in the middle of NOWHERE in Alabama in a raggedy azz trailer with NO ONE ELSE around. I was left home alone quite a bit and this show scared the living daylights out of me!! To this day, when I hear the music, I have an anxiety attack!

The Unsolved Mystery here is WHAT IN THE EFF is going on? Why the complete lack of comms since Christmas Eve? There *HAS* to be *THINGS* being worked on and deals in the works. How is Rotman’s Furniture doing? RxAir?

“Perhaps YOU can help solve a mystery.”

1) Growing Pains

If Greg Rotman were a character from Growing Pains, I would have to say he is Boner. No, I am not making that up. In the 80s, there was a character named Boner on a prominent TV show. ( Worse than Cockroach on the Cosby Show. ) Hopefully, Greg can be LESS Boner and more like Dr. Jason Seaver. Successful, funny, and seemingly rich!! ( Well, Greg is doing fine…make US rich!!!)

Boner Stabone - VYST

I guess after the successful merger of all four companies, Vystar Corp has earned our patience to endure some “Growing Pains”. Although I am clowning them, I have full faith in Greg Rotman and Steve Rotman.

There is NO EFFING WAY they did all this merger work to just completely let it all go to cr@p. Yes, the price has plummetted and I am as p*ssed as anyone, but I feel VERY STRONGLY that we will be OK. Might as well hold and see what happens. I am down 75% now….what’s another 25%??

Good luck to you all who are invested in VYST and Vystar Corporation. It’s abysmal right now, but I *FEEL* like we will be GOOD TO GO as soon as WHATEVER is currently happening is announced.

And when it’s announced and the PPS heads back UP we can all be like:

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