80s Game Shows & VYST

VYST and 80s Game Show Moments

Here are 10 80s Game Shows and a VYST inspired moment from each. These are in no particular order. I hope you enjoy all 10 equally! If the Rotman family is reading this and wants to kill me…IT’S JUST JOKES to pass the time until YOU release information!!

10) Double Dare

Double Dare - VYST
Double Dare – VYST

Here is a snippet of my conversation as I try to calmly sit in my chair and tell my wife I want to buy more shares in VYST ASAP! She wasn’t onboard.

9) The Price Is Right

Price Is Right - VYST
Price Is Right – VYST

The last thing I remember is assuring my wife that the price was, indeed, right to buy more VYST ASAP!

8) Press Your Luck

No other commentary is necessary! 🙂

Press Your Luck - VYST
Press Your Luck – VYST

7) 25,000 Pyramid

ummm..TESLA….no…ummm….Microsoft…no….uhh, oh boy…..

25,000 Pyramid - VYST
25,000 Pyramid – VYST

6) Hollywood Squares

I’ll take Steve Rotman to block…..like he’s been doing to MY MONEY!!!

Hollywood Squares - VYST
25,000 Pyramid – VYST

5) Let’s Make A Deal


Let's Make a Deal - VYST
Let’s Make a Deal – VYST

4) Scrabble

Scrabble Logo

Dam…all I have left are an “H” and an “E” !!!

Scrabble - VYST
Scrabble – VYST

3) Family Feud

Ironically, I won SO much money from this board!!

Family Feud - VYST
Family Feud – VYST

2) Wheel Of Fortune

I do *NOT* like where Greg is going with this!!!!

Wheel of Fortune - VYST
Wheel of Fortune – VYST

1) Jeopardy

This is the opposite of a Daily Double. I call it a “Daily Half”, because I lose HALF MY MONEY on VYST….DAILY!!

Jeopardy- VYST
Jeopardy- VYST

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