Looking Back on 401K

I’m Not Ready for the Rocking Chair Just Yet….

Building A Retirement Fund

I was 21 years old and in the US Army when I got married and found out we were expecting twins. ( Not in that order! 😉 ) We *IMMEDIATELY* began to save money into retirement accounts ( ROTH IRA) and college funds for the ( shew) BOYS!

Now, the boys are 21 years old and off to college or serving in the US Air Force. ( Of course…had to go USAF even though everyone else is in the Army…) For 22 years we were VERY DISCIPLINED savers. Both maxing out 401K contributions and rolling over to a central IRA if we switched jobs. NEVER a single withdrawal in 20+ years. And there were a few times when it was VERY tempting.

We both came from families where financial information was limited to how much CASH you could get back when using particular food stamps. (Not joking…a 99 cent box of “Swiss Cake Rolls” would get you $19 back from a $20 “food coupon”. )

A Box of Swiss Cake Rolls and 19 bucks was a GREAT FRIDAY!

So, we didn’t know really WHAT TO DO. Only that we wanted to “save for retirement” and never be poor again! We had a very comfortable life as we raised our kids and life has been awesome! I have no complaints!! But a MINOR regret.

Hands Off That Money!

These years of hard core retirement saving have paid off handsomely…..for when I retire! I am “technically” a millionaire, but I have almost 20 more years before I can enjoy that money. What about NOW????

My 401K is like a very strict stripper…..

I didn’t plan well for AFTER KIDS and PRE-RETIREMENT. I always envisioned myself doing “WHATEVER I WANT” when my boys left home. But, I am still working and paying bills and adding money to the retirement fund. <….Gumroad enters my life>

I am *LOVING* this GUMROAD education and having my eyes opened to all of the possibilities for unconventional earning. It has shown me that, “NO! I do NOT have to keep working until 60 or so!” Which, when I thought about it, was a terrible glimpse into the future for me. Well, I *WANT* to always work. I just want to transition to something more interesting and enjoyable to me.

I have realized, as many of you have realized, you can earn an amount of “online” money that far exceeds what’s possible in a “regular job”.

Flipping items on eBay? WHO KNEW? DAILY, I am seeing people flipping products for hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, in profits daily.

Dropshipping? Selling stuff without ever touching the product? Why did I not set this up years ago?

The potential of email marketing? Why isn’t my email list 15K people already?

My problem, looking back, was that I was comfortable with a good life and saving heavily for retirement. I never planned one single day for a time when I could quit working BEFORE I was *OLD*!!

If you are reading this, plan for retirement, but also plan for LIFE! You only live once. Make every dollar you earn BENEFIT your life in some way. Save it for retirement. Invest it in a way that it can, in turn, EARN more money for YOU! It’s GREAT to fund those retirement plans, but fund some ACCESSIBLE accounts as well. Older you will thank younger you. 🙂
(I had a LOT of fun these past 21 years…make sure you do THAT as well!)

So, I look forward to the challenge and the fun of trying to make extra cash online and using THAT money to fund the life I desire! eBooks, eBay, and eMail Marketing are all fun-sounding pursuits to help reach my goals!

It’s an exciting process and, hopefully, profitable eventually! I would love to get a few of these systems running and generating a decent profit and then go hike the Appalachian Trail!

I Would Walk 500 Miles and I would Walk 500 More….

After writing all of this, I was thinking of a book I read recently that would have helped me immensely when I first started saving. I wouldn’t have just blindly threw cash into a retirement account for years. I would have employed a more strategic plan to cover all aspects of life….not just retirement.

If you are interested in creating multiple streams of income *AND* efficiently utilizing your money to *EARN MORE MONEY*, check out the book below:

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