ZMA Benefits: Sexual Performance

What is ZMA?

ZMA is a combination of zinc monomethionine/asparate and magnesium aspartate plus vitamin B6. It’s strongly supported by clinical research to be an effective supplement for enhancing muscle recovery, boosting muscle size and strength, and even aiding fat loss.*

My Introduction to ZMA

I have been using a ZMA supplement off and on since the year 2000 or so. A very good friend of mine was a Division I track coach at Mississippi State. One day while talking, he mentioned that he highly recommended ZMA to his athletes after practice and before bed. I am always open to different things so I went and bought myself some and, after just one night, I thought it was an excellent purchase!

Sleep and Vivid Dreams with ZMA

The first night I used ZMA was after an intense workout.

At the time, I was following the “Body for Life” program. As I said, I like to try different things and if you are looking for a program to follow, this one is as good as any! I got ripped following the program!!

(Even if you don’t follow the “Body for Life” program, the book is really good and will help you get into a “self-improvement” mentality.)

So, after my “Body for Life” workout, I ate my meals a bit early and about an hour before bed, I took my recommended three ZMA capsules. ( On an empty stomach! )

Not only did I have the best sleep in my life, but I also had THE MOST VIVID DREAMS you can ever imagine. If you don’t work out and are someone chasing the “vivid dream” experience, ZMA could possibly help you achieve this goal.

I woke up feeling amazing and my body felt better than usual after my workouts. I knew that ZMA would be a part of my routine whenever I was working out!

ZMA and Erectile Dysfunction

Fast forward many years and decades! I am now a 43-year-old man in fairly good shape, but it could be much better! I am lucky enough to have a super hot, curly-haired, thin gorgeous blonde with an amazing body who loves me! Luck has smiled on me enough that even after 9+ years of being together we usually make love 3-4 times per week. It’s amazing and wonderful. Well, in December of 2019, things hit a bit of a wall.

Well, a wall is firm and hard….so that isn’t a good analogy to use!! 😐

All of a sudden, I just could NOT perform! We were drinking a lot of wine and eating a lot of holiday foods so that was my excuse for my inability to perform. It happened quite a few times over a 2 week period. TWICE she was in a sexy Mrs. Claus dress and was READY TO GO….and I had *NOTHING*.

This was the worst feeling ever! Embarrassment, Shame, the feeling of letting my partner down. She said it was OK, but after a few times in a row, I am sure she was like WTF?

Sexy Mrs.Claus
Imagine unwrapping this gift and not being able to enjoy it! 🙁

Carnivore , Keto, OMAD, and the Gym

My diet was immediately changed. I tend to either be a gym rat or one lazy SOB. Experimenting with various diets and supplements to see how MY BODY reacts, is a hobby of mine! I remember reading in “The Four Hour Body” that Tim Ferris had some positive libido/sexual performance reactions to a diet high in red meat.

So, I have done the KETO and the OMAD diet, both made me feel really good, but I was on a MISSION… Operation Bedroom Repair! 🙂 I decided to go with a MOSTLY Carnivore diet! Red Meat and Testerone production, PLEASE!

I went from wine and fried chicken wings to water, steak, and supplements. Within 72 hours, my body was already responding in *POSITIVE* ways. I tend to NOT go to the doctor and never want to exist on “meds”. But I will take supplements of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. ZMA, along with a few other supplements, coursed through my body and, along with Red Meat and exercise, I was “back in the saddle”!

ZMA Benefits Recap

Over the years, I have experimented with ZMA alone and in combination with other supplements. This is MY EXPERIENCE. I feel like I should say, CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE DOING ANY OF THIS STUFF!”

The benefits that I have personally felt, seen, and noticed from a nightly regimen of ZMA have been the following:

  • Deep and Restful Sleep
  • Vivid Dreams and Lucid Dreams
  • Muscles Recovering from Weight Lifting
  • VASTLY increased libido and powerful erections
  • Overall better quality of life

( I wasn’t lacking in LIBIDO, just a temporary inability to perform. Now, I have an even GREATER desire for my gorgeous, curly-haired blonde! 😉 )

My Current Supplement List

The combination below is what I take daily. This is in an effort to stay healthy, ensure I am receiving as many vitamins and minerals as possible, and really, most importantly, ensure that I can perform sexually at almost any time and with greater frequency! This combo works for ME!

I take only ONE Nugenix Pill in the AM along with my GNC Vitapak. I just re-read the Nugenix directions and it says FOUR capsules every morning. If I took four of these pills every day, I would probably hump my co-workers’ legs throughout the day!

I take my ZMA (3 capsules) about an hour before bed and WELL after eating. You need to be alcohol-free and with an empty stomach to receive the FULL ZMA impact. For a complete rundown on ZMA “DOs and DON’Ts” click here!

Hear Directly from JYM

I really like this video although it comes off a bit “sales pitch”-y. But, I mean, he is TRYING TO SELL HIS PRODUCTS, so I understand. I am including this video because it contains some great info on ZMA.

My written info is not backed by science, I am not trying to sell you anything, it is just *MY* personal experience with ZMA. It has worked WONDERS for many areas of my life!!


  • Erectile Dysfunction or another inability to perform sexually
  • Not in the greatest of shape
  • Trouble Sleeping or Restless Sleep
  • No exercise
  • Terrible eating habits
  • Big Belly

If you are a man and the previous list sounds like you, improve your diet, exercise, and incorporate ZMA before heading to the doctor for Viagra. Get your whole body in better shape and see if some naturally occurring minerals and vitamins and get you back in the game!

In MY experience, adding ZMA has helped me SLEEP BETTER, enjoy vivid, lucid dreams, and enjoy AMAZING sex. Consult your doctor, but try to avoid the pharmaceuticals. I don’t know much about Viagra, but I have been told it eventually loses its power. LOSE SOME WEIGHT! HIT THE GYM!! GET YOUR VITAMINS and MINERALS! ESPECIALLY ZMA! See if you regain that BEDROOM WARRIOR form!

If you are looking for a gym intro, I am currently in a 28 day, 100 BICEPS/TRICEPS rep challenge. By the end of my 100 reps, I can BARELY lift a 10-pound weight. I will go lower if necessary to ensure I get my 100 reps. It takes about 30-ish minutes to complete and the pain in my arms feels GOOD! After 5 days it’s not that bad. Find yourself a challenge or a plan and get busy! Don’t want to go to the gym? Then quit eating S*** and take your ZMA before bed. Maybe the better sleep and vivid / lucid dreams will make you feel better and get inspired to DO BETTER!

Alexander J.A. Cortes is a great follow on Twitter. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to quit being a bitch and you will say to yourself…you know what, YOU’RE RIGHT!! Follow him for tips, plans, challenges, and motivation.

Have a wonderful day and best of luck in the bedroom! DON’T FEEL ASHAMED if you are going through this! Feel DETERMINED to be a BETTER YOU and then ROCK HER WORLD!

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