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Twitter Growth Coalition (TCG)

I usually am not one to PAY to be in a group of people I don’t know. I don’t want to be in a group of people I *DO* know. Much less PAY to interact with strangers!

BUT, I figured I would help someone out with an affiliate sale and see what the Twitter Growth Coalition was all about.

I joined up and it has been GREAT! Thanks *DIRECTLY* to the TCG, I have met some of the coolest people on Twitter. To be exposed to this quantity of MOTIVATED, SMART, FUNNY, and TALENTED individuals is awesome!

I have met people like @TREYM0ND0 who provided me with this awesome guide for newbies on Twitter. It is a guide that links to 95 Free Downloadable Guides to Monetize Twitter. I *NEVER* would have viewed this guide without TCG.

DEFINITELY give her a follow if you want to live the life of a location independent freelance writer!!
( And who doesn’t want that??? )

I even shared it with one of my sons and he is on board. Making a little profit online while at home from college!

Through TGC I met my bro, @PursuingPassive. This dude motivates me DAILY to:
– keep up my eBay flipping
– produce more CONTENT
– pursue rental properties

Two months ago I was binge-watching Star Trek The Next Generation. Now, I am reading his blog and wondering if I can use my nail gun to get these ******* birds out of my garage ceiling!!

( Just joking!! I don’t even know HOW to use a nail gun!! )

If you are into home repair or DIY stuff, check out his blog:

I was able to link up with @Businessoftradz. We DMed back and forth a bit and I asked for info on trading options. He gave me some initial advice and then I bought his book. I am THREE for THREE with options trades so far!

The amount of money you can make with options is mind-boggling! You *CAN* lose…and you WILL…but thanks to TGC, I met a cool guy and discovered how to swing the options odds in my favor!

I could write about MANY more people I have met via the TGC.

If it were only meeting all of these great people, TGC would be worth the price.

But, there are also very cool discounts for members.

Some discounts are for the content of fellow members. One QUALITY discount was provided by @HeroJourneyOn. I just now clicked on the link to verify the TGC discount and didn’t realize it was SUCH a bargain. I picked up MULTIPLE QUALITY ebooks for an AMAZING PRICE available *ONLY* to members of TGC! ( Thanks, @HeroJourneyOn ! )

Here’s a link to his GUMROAD order page, but it’s cheaper if you join TGC first!! 😉

If your goal is to GROW your presence on Twitter, this series of ebooks AND a membership in the Twitter Growth Coalition will rocket you into the Twitter stratosphere!

Other discounts are for third-party tools such as HYPEFURY! I haven’t used this tool yet, but I will be getting my free trial activated ASAP!!

Dallen Reber – Founder of TGC

I have ALWAYS admired when someone creates SOMETHING COOL out of nothing. Dallen, @DallenReber, took the TGC from a cool idea all the way to fruition as a monthly subscription-based product that provides GREAT value to its members. I say to you, Dallen, “BRA-VO, SIR!”

Dallen didn’t just set up TGC, get some folks to join, and fade away. No, sir! He has continued to improve the TGC platform on a DAILY basis. New features, promotions, discounts, and value are continuously offered to members!

The TGC Platform

The “TGC platform”, created by Dallen, is a great website where you share thoughts and ideas on a variety of niche related boards. I read a couple of good things in there today that I incorporated into my eBay flipping procedures. The value is off the charts!


Join The Coalition

If you are new to Twitter or want to expand your reach, the Twitter Growth Coalition is for YOU!

If you are looking to engage people of a certain mindset or in a specific interest, the Twitter Growth Coalition can help you connect QUICKLY to people in whatever niche you desire to master!

You could do it on your own, but WHY NOT get the boost of fellow TGC members?

If you are looking for great deals, discounts, and discussion with others who can help you grow……

Then joining The Twitter Growth Coalition is a great option to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable content and contacts!

The Twitter Growth Coalition

There are affiliate links throughout this document….
( Not all are mine! )

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