Vulcan/Toyfolio Mind Meld

The @toyfolio Mind Meld isn’t possible! But Greg’s new course is the next best thing!

Toyfolio Mind Meld

When I lived in Germany we only had one channel to watch. And it was one block of 8-hour programming shown 3 times a day. I didn’t watch a lot of TV there until my twins were born. Once they were born, I was up at 0200 every morning for diaper and bottle duty. ( x2 )

Every night at 0200 “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was the show that was on the air. Although not a “Trekkie”, I realized..”NOT A BAD SHOW!” One of the episodes, and please don’t correct me if I am not 100% accurate, Cpt Picard did a “Vulcan Mind Meld” with Spock’s dad or some other relative.

This allowed them to share knowledge, thoughts, & consciousness.

Lately, as I have been up and down (LITERALLY) thousands of Walmart aisles, I was saying to myself, “I WISH I COULD MIND MELD WITH MY MAN, GREG!”

To have his insight right now could be worth THOUSANDS of dollars *PER* Walmart.

Arbitrage Made Simple

Until Elon Musk finishes his mind linking device, we won’t have the option to Toyfolio Mind Meld. *BUT*, Greg has “downloaded” much of his knowledge into a series of videos and PDFs that *YOU* can “UPLOAD” into your brain!

This information will increase your sourcing efficiency 10 fold!

I’ve watched each video and they were EXCELLENT. They guide you through the use of tools that help locate the inventory you wish to purchase at the best price available!

There is also a great tutorial on “Inventory Lab”. A very powerful tool to help you track the inventory you have “in the system”!

There are two specific tips from the videos that I implemented this weekend. These tips helped to net me quite a haul of a particular LEGO set recommended by @toyfolio. Without those videos, I would have been EMPTY HANDED leaving a very remote Walmart! Actually finding some products, made the trip a success and kept my motivation high!

Walmart Labels

There is a PDF whose purpose it is to help you “decode” the shelf label at Walmart. When Greg first mentioned this a while back, I was like… “YAWN!!!!” ( Just joking, bro!)

But, now that I have fully read the information I realize the enormous value those labels are ACTUALLY communicating. If you are a frequent Walmart shopper, you can read this PDF, and eventually, you will be able to decode shelf labels as easy as you tie your shoes!

As easy as tying…oh nevermind….


There is a video that helps you determine the best price you can find for an item.

There is a particular item that is generally $100. But, thanks to this tool, I KNOW that at some stores it goes for $25. You can determine from this tool which stores have it for the $25 price.

Sourcing Tipeven if the item is marked up to $100, give it a “price check” scan anyway…it may be marked down to $25 in “the system”! SCORE! This item is $100 on eBay/Amazon at all times. INSTANT $75 profit for you!

This information is one step below printing your own cash!!!

(Do NOT print your own cash! 😉 )

Get Busy Sourcing Properly

If someone were interested in starting “Money Twitter” tomorrow with a focus on flipping products, this would be my Top 5 “MUST FOLLOW” accounts.

If you follow all 5 of these accounts you will save COUNTLESS HOURS on discovering *WHICH* items to sell. In my opinion, product selection and sourcing is 95% of the work. Listing, selling, packaging, and shipping is EASY!

Give me a million “widgets” that I *KNOW* will sell and I will package and ship them ALL NIGHT LONG!! The above 5 accounts will deliver to you content that will have you swimming in widgets and counting profits!

But, for SPECIFIC information on LOCATING widgets and how to determine the best price point, @TOYFOLIO has put together an AMAZING series of videos and PDFs.

If you do follow Greg (@toyfolio) on Twitter, you ALREADY KNOW his Tweets are very precise and *VERY* actionable. This course takes all of that to a whole new level of information dissemination!

Unless you are ACTUALLY a Vulcan with the ability to MIND MELD with Greg, I highly recommend you click below and check out his course!

Products For Profit

“Arbitrage Made Simple” and “Products for Profit” go hand in hand. You can do all of this without EITHER course/group. But, for *ME*, the amount of time saved via the information I gather with these two GUMROAD sources is PRICELESS.

Coach Joe Hart and Greg Webb have each created something special and they happen to work together perfectly to help FLIPPERS be more efficient and effective!


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