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I seem to be addicted to GUMROAD content. The lessons I have learned the past month have opened my eyes to many possibilities. Many that I couldn’t conceive of a few short weeks ago! I feel so smart right now! 😉

Crash Course Gumroad – Jose Rosado

Crash Course Gumroad - Jose Rosado
Crash Course Gumroad – Jose Rosado
Click the Image to Order! (Non-Affiliate Link)

As I am fairly new to Gumroad and Jose was offering a nice discount on the course AND I was stuck at work late on Friday night, I figured, “What the heck! Let’s give it a try!” Since Jose offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, I couldn’t lose!

The professionalism and presentation were of the highest calibre. It was AWESOME and I will NOT be asking for my money back. Unfortunately, I actually had unexpected work come up, so I only finished the 1st video. But, after I get this post published, I am going to return to the videos to see what else Gumroad has to offer!

I find it essential that I consume all of my Gumroad content with my notebook in hand. Taking notes while reading or watching the product have been beyond beneficial in my “Gumroad Knowledge Quest”! And, so far, these videos have given me NUMEROUS, valuable notes to incorporate into my future CONTENT PROVIDER career on Gumroad.

If you are new to GUMROAD or maybe would like to see how you can utilize Gumroad in a more effective manner, check out this course! I haven’t even completed the video set yet, but I discovered numerous Gumroad features and some “best practices” for prepping my content.

Ebook Cash – @EbookMastery

Ebook Cash - @EbookMastery
Ebook Cash – @EbookMastery
Click On the Pic to Order! ( Affiliate Link)

I have been following @EbookMastery for awhile now. His tweets are always spot on and seem directed SPECIFICALLY TO ME. I have wanted to write an ebook for a while, but I am the stereotypical “No One Will Read This” person when it comes to producing a completed ebook. Not only are his tweets motivational and get you past that mindset, but he also offers great tips on the actual process of completing the project.

“Ebook Cash was spectacular!” It was exactly what I needed to get me going. It motivated me to spend all weekend writing an outline and some actual content. “Ebook Cash” does a great job of eliminating many questions you may have that could act as a crutch to not even start. The knowledge he shares includes:

  • Formatting Best Practices
  • Effective Writing Process
  • Excellent Promotion Tips
  • Premium Font Selection
  • List of Popular Topics
  • And Much More….

If you are contemplating writing an ebook, and you should, this book can give you an amazing head start. Why start from scratch wondering if “wingdings” is a proper font or not for your ebook. Let @EbookMastery guide you to SUCCESSFULLY publish your own ebook.

If you are ready to write your own ebook and create a new stream of income for yourself, CLICK HERE TO ORDER “Ebook Cash” NOW!

This Coming Week

eBook Preparation

I actually started my ebook. I realized almost immediately that I taught myself something. A premise I held true about my topic turned out to be WRONG. It was an eye opener, but wasn’t a MAJOR issue in the process of the ebook. Slight change to one area. But, it was cool to realize something I took for granted wasn’t 100% accurate.

Astonishing eBay Success (Flipping)

I have been making so much cash on eBay these past two weeks. I am stunned, to be perfectly honest. If I were to focus ONLY on eBay and not some other pursuits as well, I could really ramp up the profits.

Coach Joe Hart has assembled an impressive group in his chat room. The group delivers priceless, and highly profitable, information 24 hours a day. If I only had $100.00 left in my account, joining this group and flipping the lower cost items for 300%+ profits on eBay would be my immediate course of action.

I have flipped so much “stuff” that I began to buy/print postage at home. Printing postage at home prevents me from wasting time at the post office as they weigh & measure everything.

I can’t stress enough, of all the Gumroad courses I have bought, “Products for Profit” is the only one that has led to profit within the first few hours. The chat room is a gold mine! I invite you to JOIN US NOW and GENERATE INCOME IMMEDIATELY!

Email Marketing Experiment

The reason I am not 100% focused on eBay is that I would like to get a small taste of some other opportunities. Since I am new to ALL of these ventures, I don’t know yet what I will enjoy the most and/or be most adept at making a success.

This particular experiment has me excited to see results. Although the majority of my energy will go towards the ebook completion, there is lead time needed to prepare for an email marketing campaign.

So, this week, I will keep those preparations moving forward. Ensuring all needed infrastructure is in place for LAUNCH!

If you are wondering why this particular venture has me anxious to produce results, you will have to watch the “How I Make $200 Per Day With Email” video by Lawrence King.

a *SUPERIOR* video series that shows you in real-time how to plan, initiate, and execute a successful email marketing plan.

I will keep you all posted as I attempt to successfully implement this process!

Whether you currently have a robust email list or you only have your mom’s email address, this course has a way forward for *YOU* to generate an additional source of income.

Join me in my quest to implement this system!

Other Pursuits

I really want to do it *ALL*, but I am going to direct my enthusiasm towards writing an ebook and selling eBay. The email marketing plan relies on some lead-up tasks, so that should be ready by ebook completion.

I look forward to reading all of your tweets and hope you all have an excellent and profitable week!

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