Lifestyle Switchup

Get On Up!

About 7 weeks ago, I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. At this time, I was content with going to work, contributing to my 401K, and just hanging out. I have raised my kids and now I have the freedom to do whatever I want. But, did I want anything? I was just going through the motions. Doing a few things here and there, but with little motivation.

I just *HAPPENED* to stumble across the Twitter feed of @aja_cortes. I was laying on the couch, watching TV, and drinking a Coke. And here’s this dude…he’s a f******** man’s man. I was like, “What the hell happened to me?” I used to be a man’s man. Now I am the fat guy in Wall-E.

Me before I discovered people on Twitter who kicked azz and didn’t argue politics all day.

Search & Destroy

I said to myself, if this Cortes guy is so awesome, his followers and those he follows must be awesome. So, I started clicking around. I was searching for positive Twitter folks to follow and was destroying my following of negative “BLAH BLAHers”.

To find an entire community based around positivity, achievement, and personal responsibility was like a shot of life back into my system. I didn’t even realize until I was typing this that the garbage Twitter was bringing me down. I thought I was immune. Nope. Garbage In/Garbage Out. And, frankly, I was garbage at the time.

Dropping Pounds and Adding Dollars

So, Mr. Cortes led me to @TheForeverAlpha. Having read and followed Dr. Jason Fung in the past I was a believer in fasting and intermittent fasting for weight loss and overall health. I fully believe in the power of autophagy on the body. But, believing in something and practicing something are two different things.

Thanks to @TheForeverAlpha, I immediately said.. I AM AN INTERMITTENT FASTER NOW! Not only did I say it, but I WROTE IT DOWN. I was approx 240 pounds at that moment in time. Give or take a Little Debbie.

Susan before and after quarantine.
Hat tip to one of my favorite follows, @LawrenceKingFBA

So, I am dropping pounds now, but where am I adding dollars. ( You may be asking! )

Well, all of these people have ebooks or products on Gumroad. I find myself buying, reading, watching….and then following more people and buying, reading, and watching THEIR content. I am hooked. My motivation is skyrocketing. Life is GOOD!

A few of the courses I bought had instantaneous, actionable information I could implement immediately to realize a profit. I was STUNNED!

Thanks to Gumroad I went from regular old 9-5 working, 401K contributing, couch potato to:

  • Hitting the gym daily( until they closed)
  • Aspiring affiliate marketer
  • Profiting on “swing trades” in the stock market
  • Flipping products on eBay for a ridiculous return
  • Firing up a small infrastructure to attempt an email mkt plan
  • Writing an ebook on a topic I think is useful to this community
  • 40 pounds lighter and feeling better than ever!

Every single item above is courtesy of some motivation and/or info I received via products on Gumroad.

If you are reading this, and you want to lose weight, improve yourself, and/or generate additional income, follow everyone below and sort out what fits best for *YOU* :

Income Generating Courses

Quickly Earn Thousands on eBay

I can tell you 100% this product and access to the associated chat room will have you flipping products on eBay IMMEDIATELY and for GREAT PROFIT! The chat room is up and running 24×7 with alerts on hot items!

There is one particular item, you wouldn’t believe me if I could tell you…. It generates approx 400% profit per item. I have seen one person sell like 10K of JUST THIS ITEM.

The profit on 10K of sales for this item is like… ( carry the 2…divide by 0….) ….I don’t know…it’s A LOT. 😉 And he discovered the item in the chat room. SO, if you are interested in immediate cash flow, click below!

Email Marketing System

Now, this income stream takes a little more back end work before you begin to generate profit. BUT, I am very interested in making this work. Just to see if I can do it and to see what the returns are when implemented. I *KNOW* the eBay method above is crazy profitable. I have seen it. I have done it. I am currently doing it! But, I am at a point where I can try various things! And this is pretty cool to me.

All I can tell you about this at the moment is I have taken the initial steps to implement this system based on the course “How I Make $200 A Day With Email” by @LawrenceKingFBA . I don’t want to reveal his course, but I will tell you that I have the initial systems in place and am prepping them for my first batch of cold email.

If you are willing to exercise some patience to build a long term income generation skill-set, click below to check out this course. I thought it was interesting and it spurred me to action as soon as I completed the final video!


I am feeling fit and great and the only thing fat now is my wallet! ( Well, it’s getting fatter! 😉 )

I hope you follow all the people above and then search their followers for people who inspire and motivate you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

If you purchase either of the two courses/products above, you will NOT be sorry. I am actively making money with the eBay product and I am excited to implement the email marketing product. UPDATES ASAP!

Have an Awesome and Profitable Day!

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