Got To Keep On Movin!

This morning I woke up, showered, dressed, and walked out of my house….right into a FACE FULL of SPIDERWEB. The thing I hate most in the world!

I would usually just go back inside, call out of work, shower again, and spend the rest of the day exterminating any spider in a 400-meter radius of my house. (slight exaggeration… )

A dramatization of me after walking into a spider web. ( LANGUAGE, but HILARIOUS! )

You have to watch the movie to see why his feet caught fire so easily! 😉

But, this morning, when I walked face-first into the spider web, I didn’t let it ruin my day! I wasn’t HAPPY, but I wasn’t this guy… ( LANGUAGE…)

Why didn’t I call it a day after having a spider web wrapped around my head? Because, thanks to *YOU*…yes *YOU*….one of the many fine folks on MONEY TWITTER, I feel FREAKING AWESOME.

Thanks to *YOU*, I wake up each morning ready to LEARN SOMETHING *AND* EARN SOMETHING.

I have established relationships with folks who, although I never actually MET them, I would help out with anything at a moment’s notice.

Although we aren’t on the EXACT same path, we are all headed to the same destination. FREEDOM!!!

Being on this journey with driven people who take ACTION on a daily basis, my personal motivation is at an all-time high. I am staying up late to:

  • write
  • list items
  • read/review the GUMROAD products
  • Innovate new ways to sell current inventory

And when I wake up the next moring….I am READY TO GO!!!

There is NO price you can put on feeling great and loving life on a daily basis. I know for a FACT that the positivity and energy from Twitter led me to this great awakening of embracing life.

On “the other side of Twitter” and Facebook, I spent the majority of my time thinking and typing something like this multiple times per day –> WTF????????

Looking back, why did I CARE what some dude I barely knew in 9th grade thought of the special election results in Quahog?

Hmmm…….vote for the IDIOT or the MORON?

I had knee surgery on 4MARCH2020….it was a turning point in my life. I left “Regular Twitter” and Facebook and immersed myself in positivity and embracing/exploring new things in life I never knew existed.

Flipping, email marketing, automated Twitter, Gumroad…the list goes on. How much energy did I *WASTE* on all that dumb ****, when I could have been LIVING and IMPROVING my own life?

Well, here I am now. Loving life and having a blast watching YOU ALL get better, excel, profit, teach, and learn!! I wish I could get a notification every time one of my bros made a sale on eBay or Gumroad. ( To h*ll with Amazon right now! LOLOLOL )

I truly enjoy YOUR success as much as I enjoy my own. I hope that feeling continues as long as we are all in the Twitter Money family together. I look forward to everyone “securing the bag” and ensuring a more comfortable future.

In Conclusion…..

I took the “L” with the Spider Web this morning, but thanks to *YOU* I kept on moving! I completed my sourcing for PFP, did my time at the 9-5, and came on home to grill-out and enjoy!

Coach Joe Hart asks daily, “Who got better today?”. I feel that as long as I stick to this community and ensure daily action on tasks to build my future, I can say *ME* to this question and not feel like a fraud!

Have an AWESOME WEEK and, again, THANK *YOU* for making ME a better person!!

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