How’s It Going?

Today Was A Good Day

F*****d Around and Got a Triple Double
17 Affiliate Sales – 12 Follows – 15 Retweets

How are you doing today? I am doing great! Enjoyed a great back and forth with a few people on Twitter. It’s amazing the ideas you hear or come up with when you can chat with like-minded people.

Surrounding yourself with positive folks, whether in reality or virtually, can turn your life around.

I am really enjoying the flipping of products on eBay. I enjoy hitting up Walmart with my apps ready to roll. I like the process of listing items on eBay with my own special touch….after I copy a similar listing! 😉 It’s relaxing when I blast 80s hair metal and prepare sold items for shipping. ( Don’t judge me… 😉 )

But, I am REALLY coming to love the “affiliate” sales. If I find an ebook that I thoroughly enjoy and receive a great lesson from, I will promote the heck out of it. Same with an excellent video course. The beauty of affiliate sales is the finality of the process.

  • You recommend/promote an item
  • Someone reads your review and gains interest
  • They purchase the item
  • You receive an email saying, “Hey! You Help So-And-So Make a Sale!”
  • End of transaction

As someone who grew up sometimes eating ( I am not joking) salt and pepper sandwiches, the ability to make money this way still amazes me.

Email Marketing Systems

I enjoy my eBay flipping, as I said above, but affiliate sales are interesting to me for other reasons. This is the true “money while you sleep” that people always dream about. ( No pun intended! )

I woke up this morning to multiple affiliate sales and it was pretty cool! Set the tone for the rest of my day to be even MORE positive than usual!

After watching the Lawrence King email marketing videos I immediately put his lessons into action. There is a bit of patience required to get this rolling if you starting from scratch, but intermediate steps MUST be accomplished to ensure success.

So, this weekend will be dedicated to continuing email marketing prep and moving into the next phase. Really looking forward to getting this up and running so I can report my results.


Have a good ( maybe) idea for an ebook/video. It will be a “how to” and will probably be free. But, it will be a good experience to write, format, and “publish” an ebook on Gumroad. I think the topic could be useful for some people looking to control and expand their affiliate ( or other) marketing business. I am pretty excited about the process and have quite a bit accomplished at this point!

ToyFolio —

If you aren’t following @toyfolio on Twitter, you are missing out on VALUABLE knowledge. This guy has made quite a fortune with his own method of buying and holding certain toys until they are scarce and extremely valuable on Amazon/Ebay.

It’s actually quite brilliant in my opinion. I would never have had the patience to hold toys and hope the value increased. But he has a system that helps ensure an impressive profit! I am reading his book now and so far, so good!

I had my son read this book, “Toyfolio”, and offered to be his financer/partner in an online venture following the path of @toyfolio. It’s interesting to see my son excited about something like and hopefully, he will run with it and be a great success.

This is my affiliate link to the @toyfolio book, but it’s Amazon so my commission will probably be something like a half package of Ramen! I only used an affiliate link because it’s the way I grab link off of Amazon!

Give this book a read and see how Greg has created his own system within the confines of the Amazon system.

I *HIGHLY* recommend this book if you are interested in building a successful Amazon business. Click below to order:


Have an awesome rest of the week! I appreciate you reading if you made it this far!! I look forward to MUCH progress this week.

Life is ALWAYS better when you are working towards something. It’s our nature as humans to build and grow. I know it’s EASY to get stuck on the couch with delicious food and OK stuff on Netflix. But, if you are working towards GOALS and DREAMS, your life will improve day by day!

I hope you all have a HEALTHY and PROFITABLE week!!!

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