eBay and Stocks for a Profitable Day

13APRIL2020 – Stock Plays

I am playing three stocks right now for swing trades. I won’t mention VYST or SBES. Those are penny stocks I am stuck in and am just hoping for a miracle for each! I will NEVER sell!! 🙂 🙂 But, actual stocks I have now are $MFA, $GNC, and $GER. I have already profited from $MFA, but got back in after selling. $GNC is down due to current circumstances and I feel it will be back to previous levels once we are good to go again. $GER, I bought this based on a recommendation from my son. He’s 21 and in the USAF and very interested in the stock market. He’s been doing well, so we went in on this as a team! I was “green” $25.00 today, but no actual profits taken. We shall see how tomorrow goes!

Update – $GER had a nice reverse merger so I got OUT! ( 14APRIL2020)

Flipping Products on eBay

This is not a joke or an embellishment. I made over $500.00 dollars on eBay this weekend. I decided to read an online course and it motivated me and guided me to resume my previous eBay selling lifestyle. The course and the group of members in the associated chat group do a wonderful job of sharing hot products available for a decent price that can be flipped for a much better price on eBay. It’s unreal that you can profit so quickly on everyday items.

I started with stuff around my house that I no longer needed or never used. A NES Classic, an old PS3, my old smart watch, etc. This was the easy part. Selling stuff you already have on hand isn’t too hard. The real challenge will be acquiring new items for resale. I am still new, but excited to see if I can turn a profit and bank some cash on the side for more stock purchases.

The goal is to turn “side hustle” money into a nice portfolio full of dividend-paying stocks. This will include writing, trading, and arbitrage. So, if you are reading this…THANK YOU! You may have just contributed a penny to my goal! 🙂


My son is in the United States Air Force, as I mentioned above. If you have read this far and care to join Robinhood for a nice stock trading app experience, use this link. You will both get a free stock! Could be TESLA! Could be VYST! Will probably be something in the middle!

Good luck to you in your quest for wealth, health, and/or knowledge!

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