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I am stuck at my “9 to 5” tonight. My “real job” is to automate stuff with powershell or “bash” or whatever the best tool is for the current issue.
(Mostly powershell recently…but who cares!)

So, as I was letting some jobs run, I was looking for some stuff to read. I started to scroll through all of my followers and people I follow looking for blogs. I found a couple that were interesting, so I thought I would comment on them. Give them a read if you get a chance!

Money Savvy Mindset

This blog looks GOOD! I am embarrassed of my blog after seeing the professional way in which this blog is presented! This blog has numerous links to valuable content and offering of different services. The content is exceptional as well!

I personally enjoy reading ANY and EVERY THING related to people improving their financial situation. This blog covers every aspect of personal finance! Debt. Debt Elimination. Income. Savings. Investing. And numerous examples, with actual results, of how YOU can generate additional income via “side hustles”.

I have to admit for later, one of the links is DIRECTLY related to something I have been working on, so I hope Chris doesn’t think I tried to steal his idea!

My favorite post of the few I read was:

I am not affiliated with “The Affiliates Club”. ( No pun intended! ) It sounds cool to me and the excitement and energy in this post makes me think to myself, “HELL YEAH! GO BE AWESOME!”

I also enjoy the “Zazzle” posts! If you need/want to earn extra income online, you can *LITERALLY* START NOW with ZAZZLE!

This blog covers everything you could ask for in regards to personal finance. Why are you still reading this? Go read MONEYSAVVYMINDSET!!!

Engineer My Freedom

Another great looking blog with a unique layout for the available posts! I think the layout is fantastic! Also, another personal finance blog! I guess all I have been doing lately is immersing myself in the influence of others who desire financial independence and enjoy the thrill of generating income.

Derek has an inspirational story of working his way out of debt and becoming very disciplined with his finances. Building wealth through various avenues, but especially those sweet, sweet stock dividends!

I read a couple of posts and this one gives an insight into Derek’s method for keeping his portfolio TIP-TOP:

This post really spoke to me as well…I have been saving for 20+ years, but it’s all locked away in retirement accounts. I am about to start PLOWING money into some dividend paying stocks. I don’t need much to continue my lifestyle. My GOAL would be to have a van, drive around the country, and never get nervous when I go to the ATM. 🙂 Maybe this post will help me get there:

Hippie Finance

Another dam fine looking blog! I need to tidy up this blog ASAP!

I really ENJOYED this blog because this hippie is, in a way, living the dream right now!

On the verge of burnout, life intervened and now he is on an extended sabbatical performing a trial run of “FIRE”! ( Financial Independence/Retire Early)

I *REALLY* want to *FIRE* myself ASAP and live off of fun stuff I enjoy online. But, my job is flexible and I can’t complain right now, so I am hanging on for a bit longer.

But, for now, I live vicariously through this blog. I wish you the best of luck with your sabbatical and your potential return to the work force in the fall. I could pick many posts I enjoyed, but this was a good one! It ain’t all rosy when you decide to live outside the box, but it is definitely manageable if you plan correctly!

Retire By 40

I am 43 now, so I missed the boat on retiring by 40! On the other hand, my twins are 21 and I have a fairly sizeable retirement fund accumulated so I COULD retire now if I wanted. BUT, all of my money is locked up for 20 more years or so. Reading this blog has me seriously contemplating some, previously unthinkable, life decisions! ( *WHY* am I working? I need to figure that out ASAP! )

Ton of interesting and useful info on this blog. Great info on generating passive income. HOLY COW!! This blog generates approx. 48K per year in income! HATS OFF YOU TO YOU!!!

This blog really has me thinking about what am I doing with my life!!?! If you happen to be reading this, fully fund your retirement accounts up to any match you receive, but also invest some in a manner that is accessible to you before you are in your 60s.

My favorite post from this blog is the recent update. It shows that early retirement *IS* possible and maybe only societal norms are keeping me working every day. I need to be more independent in my thinking for this decision. If early retirement is on your mind…read this blog and you will be resigning by 3PM today!


I started reading these blogs to pass the time and now I feel like making life changing decisions. Ever since changing my Twitter habits from the usual poison of *BLAH* and focusing on positivity and income generation, my eyes have been opened to SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!

I thank you all for writing these blogs and sharing with us your thoughts and knowledge. I have absorbed so much info recently I am torn between various pursuits and am excited about many goals. Tonight I realized I need to FOCUS on an ultimate goal and then see how I want to get there.

Thanks for reading!

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