Vinegar for BBQ

A Vinegar Need

As I said in my previous post, I am prepping to provide BBQ for approx 100 people this weekend. Not my largest undertaking, but big enough to be “work”! I wanted to provide some new sauces and vinegar along with the usual BBQ sauces we provide. So, I scoured the Internet and settled on the following vinegar recipe for the weekend’s festivities.

Vinegar for BBQ Recipe
Vinegar for BBQ Recipe from:

Prepping the Vinegar

Here’s where things get difficult with this particular recipe. You have to MIX ALL THE INGREDIENTS, TRANSFER TO A CONTAINTER , and REFRIGERATE FOR A FEW DAYS. I know, this is a LOT of work, but, trust me, it’s totally worth the effort!

I selected this recipe because I was kind of in a hurry and didn’t want to heat up all the ingredients and stir for 20 minutes or so, as is the case for many recipes. Not that I am SUPER BUSY, but I was just ready to get it in the fridge ASAP!

I doubled this recipe and, when complete, it all poured back nicely into one of my 64 oz vinegar bottles for quick and easy refrigeration. (I will transfer to proper serving bottles before the event!)

Finished VInegar for BBQ
Finished Vinegar recipe back in the bottle for refrigeration

Finished Vinegar

Once I spent many grueling minutes measuring, mixing, and pouring; the vinegar was complete. I threw it in the refrigerator and anticipated revisiting it first thing in the morning!

The next morning I did a few tests with the 12-ish hour old vinegar. I poured a bit into a bowl so I could take a look, get a smell, and have a taste!

BBQ Vinegar in a small bowl for inspection and/or dipping.
Vinegar in a small bowl for look, smell, and taste test.

This vinegar LOOKS great! Those flecks you see in the bowl are the crushed red pepper! Many aromas mixing together to provide a nice, spicy smell with a TOUCH of a ketchup smell. (The ketchup smell fades after a few days of refrigeration.) I dipped a few pieces of my favorite rotisserie chicken breast in the vinegar as a taste test vessel and it was really good! I have some other GO TO vinegar recipes for when I BBQ for a large group, but I will FOR SURE be introducing this variety into the rotation on Saturday.

Wrap up

For my Saturday contribution to the event we made 48 (pre-cooked weight) pounds of pulled pork, a large batch of home made mustard sauce, about 48 ounces of this vinegar, and will provide all the other necessities for a proper pulled pork sandwich. Buns, “regular” BBQ sauce, racks, burners, pans, etc. It’s always worth the over night of cooking and week of prep when everyone is eating and nodding in appreciation at your BBQ!

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