Mustard Based BBQ Sauce

Big BBQ Weekend

I am prepping a big BBQ this weekend (23FEB2019) for a local high school wrestling tournament. We provide food for the refs and the coaches and the volunteers. Years ago, I would organize this from lunch on Friday all the way through dinner on Saturday. This involved feeding approximately 100+ people lunch, breakfast, lunch again, snacks throughout the day and drinks, drinks, drinks. (NEVER put 17 cases of water in a 2005 Honda Civic!) Now that my kids have moved on, I relinquished my role, but continue to provide BBQ!

As usual, I will make about 48 pounds (pre-cooked weight) of pulled pork. I usually provide a variety of commercial sauces and some homemade vinegars. This year I wanted to provide a home made, mustard-based sauce. This was for my own curiosity and to try and provide something really good to the folks running the tournament. I have tried a few mustard based sauce recipes in the past, but they just weren’t WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. Seeing as how it’s President’s Day and I had some time off, I did some research and found a recipe that seemed appealing.

Mustard Based Sauce Recipe

Recipe here –>


This is INSTANTLY, my FAVORITE sauce I have ever tasted. Not just mustard-based sauces, but any sauce ever! My pulled pork isn’t prepped yet, so I ran out and got a rotisserie chicken. I used this as a dippin’ sauce and it was PHENOMENAL! All thanks due to !!

Mustard Based Sauce
Mustard Based Sauce in a bowl. It thickened up nicely after some time in the fridge.
Mustard Based Sauce in Opaque Mason Jar
Mustard Based Sauce in 32 ounce Mason Jar

I will post again this weekend after all the wood has been burned and the meat has been rubbed, smoked, wrapped, shredded, and served!

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